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Expansions with glob_complete ignore no_case_glob

Hi! I'm running zsh 4.2.1 under Linux, and I've observed the following 
unexpected behaviour:

With glob_complete set, the menu-completion of a glob pattern should contain 
the same matches that would be inserted if glob_complete was not set (except 
that a '*' is added at the end of the pattern). However, the menu-completion 
always globs case-sensitive, even if no_case_glob is set. Only including (#i) 
in the pattern causes the menu-completion to ignore case.
The description of glob_complete mentions that "this actually uses pattern 
matching, not globbing, so it works not only for files but for any 
completion, such as options, user names, etc.", but other globbing options 
(like glob_dots, extended_glob etc.) have normal effect on menu-completed 
glob patterns.

Is this behaviour intentional?

Christian Taylor

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author