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Re: bug (feature?) in zsh

> > } I'm using Debian unstable, zsh version 4.2.2. I've noticed that, when I
> > } install a new package that puts some program in my path (for
> > } example, /usr/bin) I can't invoke the program using completion in any
> > zsh } shell that I have opened before installing the program.
> >
> > This is almost reaching FAQ status, but isn't yet in the FAQ.
> >
> > The completion system (including compctl) uses the command hash table to
> > look up names for completion in command position, because it's expensive
> > to search the path for them.  That means that if you install some new
> > piece of software, you need to run 'rehash' before the completion system
> > will see it, as you discovered.
> This isn't just true with zsh, it's true with lesser shells like bash or
> ksh.

I don't know what you really mean with this statement, but I can assure you 
that  I have to type 'rehash' to be able to see the new program in zsh; in 
bash I don't have to do anything at all, the new program is available 


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