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UnixReview.com article

I've started to get email feedback about this month's Shell Corner:


(No, I'm not related to Ed in any way that either of us knows about.)

I really wanted to plug "From Bash to Z Shell" in the article, but the
editors ruled it a conflict of interest for Ed, because we were both
technical reviewers for the book.  Why that's a conflict I'm not sure,
because it's not like we're getting a cut of the royalties or anything,
but there it is; anyway, the suggestion to "look elsewhere for a longer
introduction" should be taken as encouraging you to check out the book.

Meanwhile, unless there's an objection, I'm going to take the suggestion
made in some of the aforementioned feedback and put all the functions in
a file and add them to the zsh distribution.  Would Functions/Misc be
the right place, or Functions/Zle ?

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