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Re: list all except

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On Feb 6,  1:49pm, zzapper wrote:
} Subject: Re: list all except
} Bart,
} Tried all that.
} >setopt 
} returns nothing
Hm.  That would mean that it believes it has all the default settings.
(The normal behavior is to print only the options that have changed.)
However, that should be impossible, because "interactive" is not a
default and if that's not set then you wouldn't even have a prompt.
You should see at least:


And probably also "zle", and given how you're starting the shell you
should also see "login".

} It's as thought setopt isn't functionning
} I start with cygwin.bat
} zsh --login -i

It'd be helpful if you started up "zsh -fx" to be reasonbly sure that
there isn't some kind of alias or function wrapper for setopt.  (The -x
will cause trace output if there's an /etc/zshenv or equivalent being

} BTW in the doc I find both
} setopt extended_glob
} and
} setopt extendedglob

Yes, and in "man zshoptions" you'll find the first two paragraphs are:

    Options are primarily referred to by name. These names are case
    insensitive and underscores are ignored. For example, `allexport'
    is equivalent to `A__lleXP_ort'.

    The sense of an option name may be inverted by preceding it with
    `no', so `setopt No_Beep' is equivalent to `unsetopt beep'. This
    inversion can only be done once, so `nonobeep' is not a synonym
    for `beep'.  Similarly, `tify' is not a synonym for `nonotify'
    (the inversion of `notify').

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