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Re: nohup/disown and logout

On Sun, Feb 06, 2005 at 11:18:42PM -0500, Chris Johnson wrote:
> I've found some posts addressing this question in the archives, but they
> don't quite fix my trouble.  My problem: nohup-ing or disowning jobs
> still keeps my shell from exiting, even with nohup and nocheckjobs
> options set.  Here's the results from setopt:
> [cjohnson@namib] ~: setopt
> nobeep
> nocheckjobs
> nohup
> interactive
> login
> monitor
> nonomatch
> shinstdin
> zle
> If I run a command like "nohup myprog &|", the job doesn't appear in the
> jobs table, as expected, but when I exit the shell, .zlogout is executed
> and everything hangs.  No control key combinations seem to do anything.
> Killing the nohup'ed process from another shell releases the original
> shell and it exits.  I get no message.  I've tried with disown also, but
> the same behavior is exhibited.  If it makes any difference, I
> experience this problem when logged in remotely to a university machine.
> It seems to work all right locally on my own machine.
> Any ideas?  Any further information I can provide?  Many thanks!

Are you using ssh to login?

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