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Re: Named directories

21.2.2005 kello 16:51, Mika Seppänen wrote:

I found that by reading manuals and using google, but It doesn't help.

I get following: (PS1=%s\> and option autonamedirs unset, though seting it doesn't change situation in anyway)

Solved. I had following defination in my .zshrc:

export foo="/home/bar/project/random/"

Problem was slash at end of directory, following works great:

export foo="/home/bar/project/random"

Both work with cd, but only later expand correctly from %~. Unfortunatly instead of realizing that right away I walk through the hard way. First I made some tests on other platforms (with different config files) and it worked there, so I thought that maybe platform is reason to faulty behaviour. Because of my blindness to see obivious I had to run zsh under gdb on two different platforms to see that little difference :)


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author