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Re: prompt

On 24 Feb, 2005, at 14:30, Joel David Elkins wrote:
Just for fun, I'm attaching my prompt, for those who like everything
and the kitchen sink to appear every time you hit enter (like me
apparently). For example, it includes optional mailbox counts (Maildir
only at the moment), system uptime, last exit status, line drawing
using the iso8859-1 alternate line drawing characters (optional), etc
etc. I started with Bart's prompt but little is left of it.  The file
is extensively commented, which is good because some configuration is
required by setting a few variables. Suggestions welcome; otherwise

Wonderful stuff!

(And I used to think I was a masochist!!!)

Since I run on multiple platforms, it's exactly the kind of thing I wind up doing!
(And why I like 21 inch monitors at 1280x1024...)

My mind is still boggled from reading that code. It's going to take while to absorb it all.

William H. Magill
# Beige G3 [Rev A motherboard - 300 MHz 768 Meg] OS X 10.2.8
# Flat-panel iMac (2.1) [800MHz - Super Drive - 768 Meg] OS X 10.3.7
# PWS433a [Alpha 21164 Rev 7.2 (EV56)- 64 Meg] Tru64 5.1a
# XP1000  [Alpha 21264-3 (EV6) - 256 meg] FreeBSD 5.3
# XP1000  [Alpha 21264-A (EV 6.7) - 384 meg] FreeBSD 5.3

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