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Re: Ex-bash script for optimisation

Comments on script style:

None of the variables is declared (with "declare" or "local") so this is
probably not suitable for use as an autoloaded shell function.

"filebad" is set but not used, and there's no reason to use "let" syntax
if you're not doing arithmetic (in the assignment of 1 to filebad).

On Mar 10,  4:43pm, zzapper wrote:
} Subject: Ex-bash script for optimisation
} Q1) Is there a better way to generate the array filelst

Sure.  You don't need the loop, just do a glob with an extended pattern.

#--- snip ---
setopt local_options extended_glob null_glob
filelst=( *$1*~*.(aux|toc|dvi|aux|exe|obj|zip|pdf|mdb|xls|bak|swp|log|jpg|gif|tiff|jpeg|bmp) )
#--- snip ---

If you want to allow $1 to be a pattern rather than a fixed string, you
need *${~1}* instead.

If you want to allow multiple arguments to the script, you need *${^*}*
or for multiple patterns *${^~*}*

In the event that you really need to loop, zsh 4.2+ supports array append
with the syntax:	filelst+=($x)

} Q2) the line "for x in *$1*" fails is no match, how can i "catch" this

Peter Miller's *$1*(N) suggestion is equivalent to the "null_glob"
setting in my example above.

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