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Re: Text Editor Filename Completion

Chris Johnson wrote:
> In my haste I often end up opening a binary file or a file that doesn't
> exist because the completer completes up to the beginning of the
> extension (e.g., "vi mytex." when mytex.tex and mytex.pdf exist).
> Does anyone have any completion commands set up for vi or emacs that
> give preference to plain text files -- those containing source code --
> rather than the shorter executable file name?  I've tried a few things
> to have .c, .tex, .pl, and so on favored when vi is the executable, but
> I'm not too satisfied with my work.

Assuming you're using the new completion system, you can arrange the
file-patterns style appropriately.  For example,

zstyle ':completion:*:*:(emacs|vi):*' file-patterns \
    '*.(c|h|pl|tex|txt):globbed-files *(-/):directories' '*:all-files'

The best description of this is on page 398 of From Bash to Zsh, by
Oliver who may have a more comprehensive answer.

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