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Re: TAB-expansion problems

* On 11.03.2005 Meino Christian Cramer wrote:

>   Suppose I am at my $HOME/tmp/. directory. Furthermore there is only
>   ONE additional directory called "TheLonelyOne" there. And I want to
>   to change into that directory. As a lazy person now I would type on
>   the commandline
> 	  cd <TAB>
>   and want to get
>       cd TheLonelyOne
>   then instead all worldwide reachable directories as a suggestion.

 Oh, I think you don't get 'all worldwide reachable' dirs. It
depends on the cdpath entry in your .zshrc:

>     # Search path for the cd command
>     cdpath=(.. ~ ~/src ~/zsh)

 The completion system looks in all here mentioned path's for
dirs to complete.

 So long,

PS: I'm new to this group and posting through gmane.org. So if
    the Reply-To header is wrong I'll don't set it in further

PPS: English is not my native language - so apologize any
     mistakes :-)

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