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Re: TAB-expansion problems

On Mar 11,  7:37pm, Meino Christian Cramer wrote:
}   Suppose I am at my $HOME/tmp/. directory. Furthermore there is only
}   ONE additional directory called "TheLonelyOne" there. And I want to
}   to change into that directory. As a lazy person now I would type on
}   the commandline 
} 	  cd <TAB>
}   and want to get 
}       cd TheLonelyOne
}   then instead all worldwide reachable directories as a suggestion.

As Tim Kruse has said, the likelyhood here is that zsh is suggesting
subdirectories of the directories listed in your cdpath.  If you add
the following style you'll get better information:

zstyle ':completion:*' format '%SCompleting %U%d%u%s'

After you've tried that, so you've seen what's going on, you can then
add this style:

zstyle :completion::complete:cd:: tag-order \
	local-directories path-directories

The tag-order style controls which sets of matches are displayed.  In
the example above, local-directories are preferred, and only when no
local directories are found are path-directories (those found along
your cdpath) shown.  The default is to display all sets of matches at
the same time.

}   From my current point of knowledge I didn't neither know the correct
}   naming for that behaviour

It's "completion".

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