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Re: correction

> This appears to have happened during the Interregnum, er, that is, before
> 1997, during the period when both of us were dissociated from zsh, in my
> case because I objected to the stated intent of the lead maintainers to
> rip out various csh-derived syntax and features.  IIRC this was when the
> word "junkie" got inserted into all the csh compatibility option names,
> in prep for dumping them entirely (which thankfully never happened).

I think I put in some of the csh_junkie_* option names.

> Anyway, the present correctall behavior you describe already appears in
> the oldest copy of 3.0 that I can lay hands on, but is "your way" in 2.4.

Oh, correctall, right.  For plain old "correct" (for commands only) I suppose
the new way makes sense, since unwanted spelling correction can't do much
damage.  For correctall, it can.  I suppose if I had smarter compctls or
whatever, I could avoid this problem.

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