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Re: ulimit -n to small

> Heinrich Goetzger, April 19:
> > I need a value for file descriptors > 5000 for some java
> > application.
> No help at all, but, seriously, what application needs more than five
> thousand files open at the same time?,
This is the "Acrobat Viewer Bean" [1] it scans the files in /usr/share/fonts
for some reason. I'm evaluating this application right now.

Just try: 'find /usr/share/fonts/ | wc -l'
it gives me 4992 which can be compared with the number of files at
/proc/[1st PID of the java bean process]/fd directory. The difference isn't
And the problem is, if the viewer can not open all requested files, it
refuses correct working. For some reason, this seems to be fine on windows.
But this isn't part of this list and of this thread.

If you have another solution for either the number of open files or a good
free pdf-viewer-library for java let me know.

It becomes OT now but this is only to answer the understandable question.

Kind regards and good night


[1]: http://www.planetpdf.com/planetpdf/acrobat/bean/main.html

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