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Re: ulimit -n to small

> Heinrich Goetzger, April 19:
> > > > I need a value for file descriptors > 5000 for some java
> > > > application.
> > > No help at all, but, seriously, what application needs more than
> > > five thousand files open at the same time?,
> > This is the "Acrobat Viewer Bean" [1] it scans the files in
> > /usr/share/fonts for some reason. I'm evaluating this application
> > right now.
> Shouldn't it close the files after it has finished scanning them?
> Perhaps the Java GC isn't freeing stuff correctly?
It should, probably, but due to a lack of source code access I can not check
what's goning on, probably there is a simple close missing. Haven't found
anything else yet.

> > Just try: 'find /usr/share/fonts/ | wc -l' it gives me 4992 which can
> Wow, 4992 files in your fonts directory?  That's quite a bunch,
:-) This is on a gentoo box where you can easily emerge lots of fonts.
Viva la emerge ;-)



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