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Re: zsh 4.3.0 dev 1 with cygwin1.dll 1.5.15

On Tue, 19 Apr 2005, S. Cowles wrote:

I don't have a clear perception which mailing list is the more appropriate for
this question, so I've sent a version of this message to the cygwin users'
mailing list and to the zsh users' list.  Any help would be appreciated.

This is really a Cygwin issue.  If you can wait, I'm building this version
right now and maybe I'll be able to give you a better answer as to what's
going on.

The problem is that I have had no success running zsh 4.3.0 dev 1 on the last
two releases of cygwin1.dll,

CYGWIN_NT-5.1 host 1.5.14(0.126/4/2) 2005-04-01 13:40 i686
CYGWIN_NT-5.1 host 1.5.15(0.127/4/2) 2005-04-18 12:20 i686

The builds of zsh proceed with no undue problems, but test A05 fails.  The
following is the message from running the cvs version of 4.3.0 dev 1 (pulled
about 10h00 PDT, GMT +0700, 19 apr 2005) against cygwin1.dll

./A05execution.ztst: starting.
Test ./A05execution.ztst failed: bad status 1, expected 0 from:
Error output:
     6 [main] zsh 2052 fork_parent: child 3084 died waiting for longjmp
before initialization
(eval):4: fork failed: interrupt
Was testing: path (1)
./A05execution.ztst: test failed.
249108 [main] zsh 2052 fork_parent: child 3640 died waiting for longjmp
before initialization
ZTST_cleanup:2: fork failed: no such file or directory

When I try to run this build of zsh, every call to a non-builtin resource
results in a fork failure. I have asked the cygwin mailing list if there
might be some user configurable resource that would fix this problem.  On the
other hand, the cygwin release of zsh 4.2.4 does run under this latest
release of cygwin1.dll. Before I jump in, I wondered if anyone had already
run into this problem and had any pointers to causes.

Peter A. Castro <doctor@xxxxxxxxxxxx> or <Peter.Castro@xxxxxxxxxx>
	"Cats are just autistic Dogs" -- Dr. Tony Attwood

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