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Re: Speeding up ZSH startup

On Saturday 23 April 2005 10:29, Meino Christian Cramer wrote:
> Hi,
>  I am at the very beginning of dvinig deeper into the wonderful world
>  of ZSH :O)...
>  I want to speed up the start of zsh on my Linux system.
>  WIth "zsh -x" I figured out what file are loaded when and I found no
>  abnormal things (reloading and such...). The different fiel, which
>  got loaded are of "normal" size (so nothing VERY big...).
>  Is there any other things or tricks I can try to make starting zsh a
>  little faster ?

If you use "new" completion (compinit) then the slowest part is reading and 
parsing all completion functions.

You can speed it up by precompiling; see zcompile and function autoloading in 
Zsh manuals.

I do something like

for i in $fpath; do
  zcompile $i $i/*(N)

and wrapper function that checks modification time to automatically recompile 
if needed.

>  For example: Are there feature known, which are better to be
>  activated at last/at first...

it depends on your rc files actually. Ubuntu ships zero rc files for zsh and 
startup is very fast :)


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