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Re: Help help, prompt problems here!


Thank you, Bart and Peter, for all your worthy input!
I've come up with this prompt, and it's working just fine.

But how can I turn it:

e[01;30m%}:%{\e[22;34m%}%~%{\e[01;34m%})%{\e[01;30m\e[00m%} '

Into split lines like these, just to make it look prettier?

       $'%{\e[01;30m\e[00m%} '

That one returns this error:
/etc/zshrc:35: command not found: %{^[[22;34m%}%m%{^[[01;34m%})%{^[[01;34m%}%{^[[01;34m%}(

> Returning to the original problem -- it seems likely that either (a)
> there's something in /etc/zshenv that you're not telling us about, and
> that something is stuck, possibly waiting for input, until you hit the
> ctrl+c, or (b) `whoam` itself is stuck for some reason, and when you
> hit ctrl+c it fails, so the "if" fails, so "prompt elite2 red" is not
> executed.

Yeah, back to the original problem. I still have it.
I don't have an zshenv, just zshrc and a zlogout containing 'clear'.

> You could find out which of these things is happening by placing a
> "set -x" at the top of /etc/zshenv, or by running "zsh -x".

I'll try that, thanks!


Fafa Hafiz Krantz
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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author