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Re: zsh login going remarkably slow

Could it be that it's rebuilding ~/.zcompdump every time? After a system upgrade I started having that problem: .zcompdump was re-generated even if it existed. I didn't figure out the root cause but just started using the -C switch to compinit. This made it fast again.


On Tue, 10 May 2005 05:21:22 +1000, Fafa Hafiz Krantz <fteg@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


i just installed zsh on both my freebsd boxes.
on one of them it works like a charm. on the other, it doesn't.

for this other box, it takes a long time for the prompt to appear.
also for it to re-appear when i su to root.

this /etc/zshrc file are used for both:

umask 022

alias vi='vim'
alias j='jobs -l'
alias h='history'
alias ls='ls -G'
alias cd..='cd ..'
alias cd...='cd ../..'
alias cd....='cd ../../..'
alias cd.....='cd ../../../..'
alias cd......='cd ../../../../..'
alias cd/='cd /'
alias wf='w -f'
alias ws='w -s'
alias df='df -h'
alias ftp='lftp'

alias pfdump='tcpdump -n -e -ttt -r /var/log/pflog'
alias pfmon='tcpdump -n -e -ttt -i pflog0'
alias pfreload='pfctl -F all && pfctl -f /etc/pf.conf'

autoload -U compinit

zstyle ':completion:*' completer _complete _prefix
zstyle ':completion::prefix-1:*' completer _complete
zstyle ':completion:incremental:*' completer _complete _correct
zstyle ':completion:predict:*' completer _complete
zstyle ':completion::complete:*' use-cache 1
zstyle ':completion::complete:*' cache-path ~/.zsh/cache/$HOST
zstyle ':completion:*' expand 'yes'
zstyle ':completion:*' squeeze-slashes 'yes'
zstyle ':completion::complete:*' '\'
zstyle ':completion::complete:*:tar:directories' file-patterns '*~.*(-/)'
zstyle ':completion:*:complete:-command-::commands' ignored-patterns '*\~'
zstyle ':completion:*:matches' group 'yes'
zstyle ':completion:*:options' description 'yes'
zstyle ':completion:*:options' auto-description '%d'
zstyle ':completion:*:history-words' stop verbose
zstyle ':completion:*:history-words' remove-all-dups yes
zstyle ':completion:*:history-words' list false
zstyle ':completion:*:default' list-colors ${(s.:.)LS_COLORS}

PROMPT=$'%{\e[01;34m%}(%{\e[22;34m%}%n%{\e[01;30m%}@%{\e[22;34m%}%m%{\e[01;34m%})%{\e[01;34m%}%{\e[01;34m%}(%{\e[22;34m%}%D{%H:%M}%{\e[01;30m%}:%{\e[22;34m%}%D{%m/%d/%y}%{\e[01;34m%})%{\e[01;30m\e[00m%}\n%{\e[01;34m%}(%{\e[22;34m%}%#%{\e[01;30m%}:%{\e[22;34m%}%~%{\e[01;34m%})%{\e[01;30m\e[00m%} '

if [[ `whoami` = root ]] then
PROMPT=$'%{\e[01;31m%}(%{\e[22;31m%}%n%{\e[01;30m%}@%{\e[22;31m%}%m%{\e[01;31m%})%{\e[01;31m%}%{\e[01;31m%}(%{\e[22;31m%}%D{%H:%M}%{\e[01;30m%}:%{\e[22;31m%}%D{%m/%d/%y}%{\e[01;31m%})%{\e[01;30m\e[00m%}\n%{\e[01;31m%}(%{\e[22;31m%}%#%{\e[01;30m%}:%{\e[22;31m%}%~%{\e[01;31m%})%{\e[01;30m\e[00m%} '

i tried recompiling zsh, but that didn't make no difference.
i don't know how to capture the output of zsh -x.

zsh -x > file doesn't work, and my entire shell gets twisted after
running zsh -x.

last but not the least, i was wondering if anyone could help me
split my prompt line up. i've tried this here. it works, but i get
an error message saying there's no such command followed by a paste
of the 2nd line here. if it's due to the whitespace below PROMPT,
well i kinda want it there because it's superneat.

       $'%{\e[01;30m\e[00m%} '



Fafa Hafiz Krantz
  Research Designer @ http://www.home.no/barbershop
  Enlightened @ http://www.home.no/barbershop/smart/sharon.pdf

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