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Re: Help help, prompt problems here!

On May 9, 11:59am, Fafa Hafiz Krantz wrote:
} By the way, why doesn't autocompletion work,
} like my good old tcsh?

Completion is what you're enabling when you run compinit.  If it's not
working, it's probably related to all the other problems you're having
with zsh startup.

Asking "Why doesn't _________ work?" for any blank you might choose, is
way to nonspecific for anyone to give a useful answer.  We need to know
(at the least) what you expect, and how what you observe is different.

As for capturing the output of "zsh -x" ...

Create an /etc/zshrc file.  Place in it these four lines:

print "Trace output is in /tmp/zsh-x.$$"
exec 2>/tmp/zsh-x.$$
set -x
function precmd { set +x; exec 2>&1; unfunction precmd }

Then run zsh the way you normally would.  When the shell reaches the
point where you think you have to type ctlr+c (assuming you're still
having that problem), DO NOT type the ctrl+c.  Instead, use another
terminal (another xterm window or another virtual console or whatever)
to examine the last several lines of the trace file.  This will tell
you what the "stuck" shell is presently doing.

If the shell gets all the way up to printing a prompt, then all is
well.  In any event, please DO NOT mail the entire file to this list.
The last ten lines or so should be enough.

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