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Re: zsh login going remarkably slow

On May 9,  2:21pm, Fafa Hafiz Krantz wrote:
} for this other box, it takes a long time for the prompt to appear.

"This other box" doesn't happen to be an NFS client using the zsh
installation mounted from the first box, does it?

} last but not the least, i was wondering if anyone could help me
} split my prompt line up.

It sounds to me as if you need to go learn some more general things
about shells and how command lines are parsed.  The fact that you
have to ask about this ...

} if it's due to the whitespace below PROMPT,

... indicates that you lack a basic understanding of the syntax.

Yes, it's due to the whitespace.

} well i kinda want it there because it's superneat.

You can't always get what you want.

The closest you're going to get is this:

PROMPT+=$'%{\e[01;30m\e[00m%} '

(Note I've deleted the backslashes from the ends of the lines.)

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