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Re: Little problem while converting from bash (quoting/splitting?)

"krasnal" wrote:
> This is with 4.2.4 cygwin version of zsh and 2.05b.0(1)-release of bash.
> cleartool is windows program producing \r\n line terminated output.  Note
> that zsh has both \r and \n in f variable while bash has only \n.  This is
> a bit problematic for me because I'm eventually using these values for output
> and the \r chars screw it up.

Well, you could add \r to IFS, but unfortunately that will generate extra
blank lines, for example:

% (IFS=$' \t\n\000\r'; for f in $(print "foo\r"); do print $f | xxd; done)
0000000: 666f 6f0a                                foo.
0000000: 0a                                       .

Because you're selecting using a "case", it's possible these don't
affect you, however.

zsh makes it relatively straightforward to remove the trailing \r by
surrounding the command substitution with a parameter-style expansion:

% for f in ${$(print "foo\r")%%$'\r'}; do print $f | xxd; done
0000000: 666f 6f0a                                foo.

(That only works if \r is *not* in IFS.)

There's no mechanism for automatically turning \r\n into \n, however.

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