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Re: Big delay on login: What's wrong?

What up Andrei!

> I would simply change to some other shell and try to login. If delay
> disappears, then it's problem of zsh setup. If not, then it's problem
> outside of zsh.

I used to run tcsh before this.
No delay there, which brings me back to zsh.

Again, my setup is the same as on a computer where there is no delay.
Maybe because that's an Intel Pentium 3,2GHz whereas the one with the
delay is only 120MHz. Still, it shouldn't be like this.

Any idea?

> > By the way, I like the slogan in your signature.
> > It's among the best I've ever heard, as it applies to all things.
> One guy has commented it as "Looks like today my mind is completely
> closed, so I'm doomed to crash into ground" :)

Heheh :)


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