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Re: Auto-completion isn't working

On May 17,  4:41am, Fafa Hafiz Krantz wrote:
} I hope that's enough for someone to tell me what's wrong.

No, it's not enough.  "Doesn't work" is not an adequate description.

One last time, and then I'm giving up on you:  Describe, in as much
detail as possible, what happens (or does not) to you when you are
using the shell interactively.  Provide an example, such as:

  I have a directory containing these seven files:
    (... list them ...)

  When I type ls followed by a space and then press TAB, zsh just beeps
  at me.  This happens even if I press TAB repeatedly.  I expected to 
  see a listing of the seven files.

Ideally, you will also have run the "complete-debug" widget by typing
control+x question-mark INSTEAD OF a TAB at some time when you are
having trouble with completion.  This widget writes a file with a long
trace of everything the completion system is doing.  If that file is
empty, or if you get some different kind of error when you press the two
keys control+x followed by a question mark (NOT control with question
mark), then tell us what that error is as well.

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