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Re: retrieving the results of last command?

On 5/20/05, Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Francisco Borges wrote:
> > I tried to code a widget to do this, but I this is as far as I got:
> >
> > insert-last-command-output(){
> >     com="`fc -ln -1`"
> >     RBUFFER=`$com`
> > }
> > zle -N insert-last-command-output
> > bindkey "^X^L" insert-last-command-output
> >
> > #(^X^L was the first free key I could remember...)
> >
> > but is fails with:
> > % locate ipython.el
> > /usr/bla/ipython.el
> > % insert-last-command-output:1: command not found: locate ipython.el
> You get a complete command line, which needs to be reevaluated.  Your
> $com is just a string with the line in it, not the command line as
> the shell would parse it.
> You can simplify retrieving the command by using the parameter history
> from the zsh/parameter library, which contains the history indexed
> by the history line number, and the standard parameter HISTCMD which
> gives the current history line number.
> Normal "insert" widgets append stuff to the left of the cursor
> rather than replacing RBUFFER.
> You whould be able to do this:
> zmodload -i zsh/parameter
> insert-last-command-output() {
>   LBUFFER+="$(eval $history[$((HISTCMD-1))])"
> }

Is there a way to ask for confirmation here? It's not always history
contains what you expect, for example if you share history and just
ran rm -rf . in another terminal, and press this bind you might not be
so happy with the outcome. Ie something like
zsh: are you sure you want to run $history[$((HISTCMD-1))] again? [yn]
Is the read builtin what i want? I never quite got the hang of that one.

Mikael Magnusson

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