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Re: zsh compiling on Apple OSX v. 10.4.x

It wasn't clear to me from Bill's original question, that the folks at
Apple have made some mods to the zsh build to get it work on OSX 10.4.
 Here's the url for their Portfile:

It seems that on 10.4, it's better to use select() than poll() for the
terminal IO. Otherwise you get the broken behavior Bill mentions.  
Though configure for zsh hasn't been modified to know this.  I'm not
sure how to modify the autoconfg code to change this code for 10.4. 
But it would be nice to fix this, so that zsh builds properly on OSX
10.4 w/o hand-edits to config.h.


On 5/19/05, William Scott <wgscott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> When I tried compiling zsh on OSX v. 10.4, I found that the resulting
> zsh, when invoked, did not appear to respond to arrow keys, back-
> spaces and so-forth (I say "appear" because apparently it just
> doesn't update the terminal display).  Following Apple's patch, I
> configured and then edited the file config.h to remove the lines
>      391 /* Define to 1 if you have the `poll' function. */
>      392 /* #define HAVE_POLL 1 */
>      393
>      394 /* Define to 1 if you have the <poll.h> header file. */
>      395 /* #define HAVE_POLL_H 1 */
> Then compiled and installed and the problem went away.

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