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generic completion for python programs

Hello all,

I've made a library that generates zsh completion functions out of the
standard command line parser for python.

It sort of patches (on the fly) the python library to produce a
completion function, so it's able to know things that _gnu_generic would
not know and it does not require modifying the python code.

Some notes:

0. Yes, it's written in python but that's the interpreter of the program
you are about to call :-P

1. If you look at the code it generates you will see that I'm missing some
clues on proper zsh completion... patience...

2. it does not handle all options of optparse yet (but I'm getting

3. you may have the function generated on the fly or one that gets
written into a function to be saved and loaded normally.

4. you can get it at:

5. Comments are very welcome ;-)



Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author