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Re: lining up RPS1 and PS1

[On 06 Jun, @17:23, Bart Schaefer wrote in "Re: lining up RPS1 and PS1 ..."]
> } [I could stretch PS1 and calculate the placement of '[some more]', but 
> } I really like the features of RPS1, like automatic placement.]
> The whole point of RPS1 is that it gets automatically hidden as command
> input extends to the right into the space it occupies.  But with a two-
> line prompt, your typing is never going to intersect with "[some more]".
> So, really, putting it in PS1 is the right way to go about this.

true, but transient_rprompt is another feature you get for free by 
using RPS1.

> However:
> RPS1="%{$(echotc UP 1)%}[some more]%{$echotc DO 1)%}"

ah, amazing! :-) [Small note, there is a typo here, the
last bit must be: {$(echotc DO 1)%} - extra '(' inserted]


  - Miek

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