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Re: _retrieve_mac_apps bad chache problem

Hi Marco:

In 10.4 you can avoid the cache altogether, as mdfind is sufficiently fast
to allow real-time completions for open -a.  I did however notice that the
very first time there is about a 10 second lag, which raises my blood
pressure, so I found running the mdfind command in the background upon
shell initialization speeds things up.

I implemented this hack in what is doubltess substandard code, but if you
want to play with it, _open, an augmented open function, and a few others
are here for the taking:



Bill Scott

On Sat, 11 Jun 2005, Marco Zunino wrote:

> Please Help!!!
> After I reinstalled Mac OS Tiger, when I try to do to
>  "open -a " + TAB
> instead of the standard completiotion I get a hugly
> series of line like:
>    _retrieve_mac_apps:20: permission denied: .DS_Store
>    _retrieve_mac_apps:20: permission denied:
> Finder_Toolbar_Applications.dmg
> This happens only in my main user account and only the
> first time I try "open -a" after opening a shell. I
> guess that the reason is that zsh try to create a
> cache but due to a bad permission it can't, but I can
> not guess where to remove this file.
> If you can, please ***HELP***
> Pax Vobiscum,
> Marco Zunino
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