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Re: list all jobs before prompt

[On 13 Jun, @02:18, Michael Wardle wrote in "Re: list all jobs before promp ..."]
> Perhaps the two good solutions are:
> 1. make the suspend message match the format of the jobs command
> Sending a STOP signal (usually via Control-Z) to a process would print
> (for example):
> [1]  + suspended  vim
> instead of:
> zsh: suspended  vim
> Bash does this and I think it would be quite useful.

I agree. I didn't even know I was missing that bash feature :-) In
bash I've never used the 'jobs' command, in zsh I do...because I don't
know the job numbers.

What is needed for this? I expect any change for this to be minor.

> 2. add support for an option similar to listjobs in tcsh

I don't know what that is,

  - Miek

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