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Re: file names in arrays

On Sat, 02 Jul 2005 20:51:37 +0000,  wrote:

>On Jun 30,  4:51pm, zzapper wrote:
>} At the risk of being abused, RTFM etc etc
>} Has anyone got a script where a number of file names resulting from
>} say a find/grep are loaded into an array.
>Go to http://www.zsh.org/cgi-bin/mla/wilma/users and search for "keeper".
>} And then this array is looped thru with a promt deciding what might
>} happen to these files, mv,rm,cp edit etc
>Isn't the answer to this the same as -- or awfully similar to, at any
>rate -- the answer to your "Creating a Case statement dynamically" 
>thread from a couple of days earlier?
>    local file command target
>    find "$@" | keep
>    for file in $kept
>    do
>	PS3="Action on $file: "
>	target=''
>	select command in mv cp rm gvim
>	do
>	    case $REPLY in
>	    ((Q|q)*) break 2;;
>	    (<1->) 
>		case $command in
>		(cp|mv) vared -e -p "$command $file " target &&
>			[[ -n $target ]] && $command $file $target
>		(?*) $command $file;;
>		(*) break;;
>		esac;;
>	    (*) break;;
>	    esac
>	done
>    done

Yes it's similar to my previous thread, but hopefully more general. I'd found a useful solution, but
didn't use arrays, so I ended up repeating operations.
Your script above blows up for me on

pick3:17: parse error near `$command' (the vared line)

zsh 4.2.4 (i686-pc-cygwin)
vim -c ":%s%s*%Cyrnfr)fcbafbe[Oenz(Zbbyranne%|:%s)[[()])-)Ig|norm Vg?"
http://www.rayninfo.co.uk/tips/ vim, zsh & success tips

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