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Re: Asking ZSH: How are you ?

    Hi Christian :)

 * Christian Taylor <cht@xxxxxxxxx> dixit:
> Meino Christian Cramer wrote:
> > > If you want to list all options use
> > > 'setopt', without arguments, or 'set -o'. If you want to show ALL
> > > options, no matter if they have their default value or not, use this
> > > little snippet (for example):
> > >
> > >     for option in ${(ko)options}; print ${(r:21:}option $options[$option]
> >
> >   I pasted that to the commandline (zsh 4.2.5) and pressed <RETURN>. I got
> > zsh: error in flags
> I believe Raul meant:
> 	for option in ${(ko)options}; print ${(r:21:)option} $options[$option]

    Yes ;) As I told Meino, probably my keyboard's fault XDDD
> Thanks for the tip Raul, I like this better than the "no" prefixes too.

    You're welcome, but the tip is not such 'tip': since zsh is such
a darn good shell, it provides you with the 'options' associative
array (there are plenty of them, very useful information for the
script writers), it's just a matter of dumping it. Zsh IS great.

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