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Re: psvar expansion with %v

    Hi all :)

 * DervishD <zsh@xxxxxxxxxxxx> dixit:
>     If I do this:
>     psvar[1]=%{$'\e[33m'%}
>     PS1=%1v[%y]>
>     I get the following prompt:
>     %{^[[33m%}[tty1]>
>     Obviously, not what I want (a brown colored prompt). But if I do
> this:
>     psvar[1]=%{$'\e[33m'%}
>     PS1=$psvar[1][%y]>
>     then I get what I want...
>     How can I use psvar and %v to get a readable PS1 *but* use escape
> sequences at the same time? I'm using zsh 4.2.5 (i686-pc-linux-gnu)

    I still haven't solved this, and I've carried a lot of tests. Is
any way of using '%{%}' constructs, or escape sequences, using psvar?
I would like to 'chop' my PS1 into some pieces and use psvar for
that, but then I cannot use colours unless I move the escape
sequences out of the psvar array. Of course I can always use
$psvar[], but then my PS1 is longer and I want to have it as short as
possible to easily manage it, and I'm curious about what I'm missing
here, which may be just a simple quoting matter, or some limitation
of %v in prompts.

    Thanks a lot :) 

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