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Re: Zsh fails when Globing fails

Ligesh wrote:
> Hey thanks a lot. Now that you have helped me, I am going to bother you with 
> one more question. What is the metacharacter that expands to the current list
>  of intelligent completions?  For instance, in cvs, I do cvs add <Tab>, it wi
> ll show the list of new files, but '*' still expands to all the files in the 
> directory. So is there a metacharacter that expands to the result of the inte
> lligent completion?

You can force the shell to use globbing characters to match the results
of completions by setting "setopt globcomplete".  Depending how completion
is set up, the shell may decided to perform expansion instead if there
are files that match.  For example, "cvs c*t<TAB>" might offer "commit"
or "checkout", but if there is a file config.txt you could get that instead.
It's possible to configure the shell not to do expansion, or alternatively
to use different keystrokes to do expansion and completion.


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