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Re: complete paths after non-space

Here's an example.  If you want to give a pathname to tar with
--files-from=/path/name, bash will complete the /path/name for you,
even though it's immediately after the '=', while zsh, as configured
by default on my box, will not -- I need to go between = and /path and
insert a space, then go to the end and press tab to complete
/path/name, then return to '= /' and remove the space.  Which settings
control zsh behavior in this case -- tokenization, special flag(s)?


On 8/2/05, Deliverable Mail <deliverable@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm migrating to zsh and find it differs subtly from bash.  Three
> immediate look-'n-feel diffs I'd really need to reset to
> bash-compatible behavior...
> 1.  completing path names with leading non-space
> I often want to complete filenames in options where you have things
> like --file=/wrong/path/name, whereby you go back and fix it, or enter
> new things after the non-space-starting pathname sequence
> Bash happily completed it while in my current zsh setup I have to
> insert/delete a space prior to the pathname.  An easy way to make it
> the same?
> 2.  in-place ^r search
> -- zsh offers an underline, and I don't want it
> 3.  completion offers must go away faster
> -- zsh lists them in the underline(s) and they seem to linger there
> longer than in bash, can I banish them faster?
> Cheers,
> Alexy

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