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Re: complete paths after non-space

Deliverable Mail wrote:
> I'm migrating to zsh and find it differs subtly from bash.  Three
> immediate look-'n-feel diffs I'd really need to reset to
> bash-compatible behavior...
> 1.  completing path names with leading non-space
> I often want to complete filenames in options where you have things
> like --file=/wrong/path/name, whereby you go back and fix it, or enter
> new things after the non-space-starting pathname sequence
> Bash happily completed it while in my current zsh setup I have to
> insert/delete a space prior to the pathname.  An easy way to make it
> the same?

If you're using the new completion system (compinit), turn on the option

  setopt magicequalsubst

(It's just possible it works with the old completion system, too.)

> 2.  in-place ^r search
> -- zsh offers an underline, and I don't want it

You just have to ignore it.   It's unusual enough not to want to see
what your searching for that there's no option.

> 3.  completion offers must go away faster
> -- zsh lists them in the underline(s) and they seem to linger there
> longer than in bash, can I banish them faster?

It's possible you can do something with zle -R in one of the completion
functions, which redisplays the stuff below the line using the string
you specify (which might be empty), but I've never played around with this.

You can force the shell to reprint the line below all completion
displays by

  unsetopt alwayslastprompt

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