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Re: Sorting files

On 8/4/05, Meino Christian Cramer <Meino.Cramer@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
>  I played around with combinations including expressions like
>  **/*(.,oL) trying to get a listing of all files found !including
>  those of the subdirectories! sorted by their size. I want one big
>  listing sorted "once" -- but I got "seperated" parts sorted each for
>  themselves.
>  I would understand this, if I had submitted something like:
>    print -l **/*(oL)
>  which includes directories due to the missing ".", but when I submit:
>    print -l **/*(.,oL)
>  I would expect "all files sorted by their size".
>  But as always, the problem is probably caused by the person sitting
>  right in front of my monitor, I fear ;)
>  Is there a way to get one big listing starting with the smallest file
>  of all files found (including those in the subdirectories) and ending
>  with the largest one? ...without the conventional way of slowly
>  smokeing a sort-pipe ?
>  Thanks a lot in advance for any help or hint ! :O)
>  Keep zshing!
>  Meino

>From the manpage,

o      specifies how the names of the files should be sorted.
              if d, files in subdirectories appear before those
              in  the  current  directory at each level of the search
-- this is best com-
              bined with other criteria, for example `odon' to sort 
on  names  for files
              within  the  same  directory.

I think that is what you want, but i'm not sure with that description :)
ie, print -l **/*(.,odL)

Mikael Magnusson

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