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Re: simple completion example? (aptitude completion doesn't work)

Andy Spiegl wrote:
> Hm, I can't think of any settings in my RCs that would break the aptitude
> completion but probably there is one, right?  I'll attach my completion
> options to this mail.  Maybe one of them jumps at your eye...?

It's more likely something in your normal options that is breaking the
parsing of `aptitude -h'. Perhaps the output has changed and you're
running a newer or older version of aptitude. If you're not running
sarge, could you perhaps send me the output.

If aptitude -h is giving you a German (or other) translation, try adding
LC_MESSAGES=C in but I don't think that translation would actually break
it in this particular case.

Otherwise, the best is to start with zsh -f, run compinit and then try
bits of your setup file until it breaks.



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