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previous cmd in RPS1

hello all,

I have my prompt setup in such a way that it will print my previous
cmd in green (when the exitcode was 0) or red (exitcode != 0) on the
right side of my screen. This works really well, expect in some cases.

It seems that sometimes this setup fails, for instance when my
previous cmd had a % in it, this gets re-evaluated and results in
a weird looking prompt. Also when I try to type in a for-loop and I 
make a typo which causes the loop to hang, my prompt also hangs.

It there any way to make zsh /not/ to parse my previous cmd but
just show it as is?

Below are the relevant piecies of my prompt setup:

RPSL=$'%{\e[0m%}%{\e[$C;31m%}%(0?.%{\e[$C;32m%}.(%?%)) '

((MAXMID=$COLUMNS / 2)) # truncate to this value

Thanks for any help,

  - Miek

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