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Re: startup

    Hi Alexy :)

 * Deliverable Mail <deliverable@xxxxxxxxx> dixit:
> I have subtle problems running programs under gdb since I switched
> to zsh and configured a lot of aliases and zsh-specific things.

    What kind of problems?

> For some reason, the examples .zshrc's I see do not distinguish 
> between login shell and non-login one...

    The zshrc and .zshrc files are read for ALL interactive shells,
no matter if they are login shells or not. If you want to do things
only for login shells, do them in zprofile and .zprofile files (and
zlogin and .zlogin, of course).

> How does zsh differentiates between them

    Do you mean between a login shell and a not login shell? Well, if
zsh is invoked as "/bin/zsh -l" then it is a login shell, and if the
first character of the invocation name is '-' (for example, the
/bin/login program exec()'s the shell as -/bin/zsh).

> and what happens when gdb starts a process when run under zsh (does it 
> even run zsh, or /bin/sh, and how do they interact)?...

    They don't interact except if some environment variable affects
the behaviour of gdb, or maybe some tty setting. zsh will fork&exec
gdb, which in turn forks+exec+ptraces the debugged program (AFAIK).

    Please, tell us (or better, since this doesn't seem to be
zsh-related, just tell *me* in private) which kind of problem do you
have when debugging programs and we look after a solution ;)

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

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