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How to handle unknown options in zparseopts

    Hi all :)

    After the suggestion of Doug for using zparseopts, I'm facing a
different problem. I don't want my script silently ignore unknown
options, I want to consider that an error. I don't know how to do it
since zparseopts doesn't report errors, so I've written this:


emulate -L zsh

typeset -A OPTIONS

zparseopts -D -A OPTIONS -- -help+


[[ "$tmp[1]" == "-" ]] && {
    print "ERROR, unknown option \"$tmp\""
    return 1

# Handle here the other (valid) options

return 0

    That's pretty ugly and not very clean, neither :(

    But, worse, zparseopts spits an error in this case:

    set -- -a
    zparseopts -a array -- a:

    OK, it returns '1' but I'm pretty sure that it returns that value
for other errors, so I cannot 'silent' zparseopts by redirecting to
/dev/null and doing my own handling.

    Am I missing anything obvious? If I must handle myself unknown
options and the missing argument problem, I think I better use
getopts and handle long options myself :? GNU getopt is just another
pain in the arse, so...

    Thanks in advance :)

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

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