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How can I stop zsh, while in ksh emulation mode, from overwriting $TTY ?

I am setting TTY to the tty without the /dev/ in /etc/profile,
and then I am using that in many places throughout my software in temp file names

The stock ksh88 has a bug that my software hits, and I've established that neither bash or sh has the same problem, but I have a lot of scripts that really need ksh and that I don't want to rewrite. The ksh93 build system is like a like a Dali painting except without the beauty, so, I'm left with pdksh or zsh in ksh emulation. I havn't tried pdksh yet and probably don't want it in the long run anyways.
But zsh built without a hitch and doesn't have the bug either.

So, I tried replacing /bin/ksh from my vendors stock ksh88 to zsh for for a while and this is pretty much the only thing that broke. The top level login shell will show the value of TTY that I set, but even with export and/or readonly TTY, the sub shells all show the full /dev/ttynnn, which breaks all my temp file code.


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