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Zsh article in Linux Magazine

If anyone is interested in learning about zsh glob qualifiers and in
particular the e glob qualifier, an article I wrote for the US Linux
Magazine is now available on line. The web location is:


For anyone familiar with the "From bash to Z Shell" book, this article
is largely based on an extended example towards the end of Chapter 13 in
that book. The focus was shifted somewhat but there is plenty about zsh
there. If you find the article interesting then please consider buying
the book. It covers many aspects of zsh and is a lot easier to
understand than the manual.

I would have announced this article when the print edition became
available but I didn't actually find out myself until it was too late
(it isn't sold in Europe). It seems that Linux Magazine now requires
registration to view articles so apologies for that. I tend to use the
Firefox bugmenot plugin (or bugmenot.com directly) for such logins. 


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