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Re: Arithmetic expression and TRY_BLOCK_ERROR

On Sep 28, 10:46am, DervishD wrote:
}     'let variable=0' is shorter ;) I really don't know the reason,
} but I can find this kind of assignment everywhere :-/

I suspect it's simply Peter's preference to always use variables in
a consistent context, i.e., either in math expressions or out, not
some of each.  A possible reason for this is future-proofing.
Suppose you have:

	(( variable = 0 ))	# or any other integer constant

Then later that gets changed to:

	(( variable = othervariable ))

If you had instead written it without the (( )), the meaning of:


is entirely different.

Also, some people prefer the readability of being able to put spaces
around the "=".

However, doing integer/float assignments in math context is marginally
more efficient than doing them as plain assignments.  In a single
command this is probably offset by the overhead of parsing the (( )),
but in a loop it could become important, and if you're in the habit of
always writing the (( )) you won't forget them where they matter.

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