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Exception handling and "trap" vs. TRAPNAL()

    Hi all :)

    Let's say we have this script, using exception handling:

--- cut here ---

emulate -L zsh

[[ "$1" = "trap" ]] && trap 'throw DEFAULT' ZERR
[[ "$1" = "TRAPZERR" ]] && function TRAPZERR() { throw DEFAULT ; }

function throw() {
  typeset -g EXCEPTION="$1"
  readonly THROW=0
  if (( TRY_BLOCK_ERROR == 0 )); then
    (( TRY_BLOCK_ERROR = 1 ))
  THROW= 2>/dev/null

function catch() {
    typeset -g CAUGHT
    if [[ $TRY_BLOCK_ERROR -gt 0 && $EXCEPTION = ${~1} ]]; then
        (( TRY_BLOCK_ERROR = 0 ))
        unset EXCEPTION
        return 0
    return 1

alias catch="noglob catch"

    print "Before throwing"
    # This should throw "DEFAULT" exception
    throw EXCEPTION
    # This shouldn't be shown
    print "After throwing"
} always {
    catch * && print "Caught exception $CAUGHT"
    return 0

--- cut here ---

    Sorry for the size, but I want to make sure it is as
self-contained as possible. Well, I do the following:

    $ ./script trap
    Before throwing
    Caught exception EXCEPTION

    $ ./script TRAPZERR
    Before throwing
    Caught exception DEFAULT

    $ ./script
    Before throwing
    Caught exception EXCEPTION

    I'm puzzled. The "trap" trap is executed in the current
environment, so I assume it would throw "DEFAULT", as intended, as
soon as we hit the "false". It doesn't and I don't know why. OTOH,
the TRAPZERR function, which runs "throw" in its own environment,
works ok :??? WHY?

    AFAIK the "trap" builtin runs its arguments in the current
environment, so to say it's like an alias, like cutting and pasting
the code, but anyway that shouldn't be the problem, since "throw" is
using globals and so it affects running in any environment.

    The only thing that could be happening is that the ZERR trap
using "trap" is not setting "TRY_BLOCK_ERROR" to "1", or it sets the
variable but the variable gets reset upon exiting the trap :???

    Can anybody (and I really mean anybody, not Bart XD) explain this
to me? I would like to use something similar and I need to use "trap"
traps and not "TRAPNAL()" traps because I want to use LINENO and
probably a couple of variables which are local to the functions where
the ZERR trap can be raised.

    Thanks a lot in advance :)

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

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