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Re: Wrong UTF-8-characters in prompt

Andrey Borzenkov wrote:
> On Tuesday 11 October 2005 13:33, Stephan Windm=C3=BCller wrote:
> > When I change into a directory which contains UTF-8-characters, the
> > prompt looks garbled:
> >
> > windy@zerus:~$ echo $LANG
> > de_DE.UTF-8
> > windy@zerus:~$ mkdir =C3=84rzte
> > windy@zerus:~$ ls =C3=84rzte -d
> > =C3=84rzte
> > windy@zerus:~$ cd =C3=84rzte
> > windy@zerus:~/\M-C\M-^Drzte$
> >
> > I'm using the CVS-code of 2005/10/04 on Debian Sarge. Is this a bug of
> > zsh or do I have to change the prompt?
> >
> For now use "setopt printeightbit" but it is obviously a bug - zsh should
> not rely on it in multibyte environment.

It doesn't any more as long as the (wide) character is printable, and if
--enable-multibyte is in effect it should show unprintable wide characters
in \u or \U format rather than \M format.  I rather suspect multibyte
support isn't enabled.


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