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Superfluous CRs trouble completion routines in Cygwin


I recently needed to use Perforce both in Windows and Linux (zsh
4.2.4 and 4.2.5, respectively).  Completion worked fine in Linux
but in Windows p4 <tab> caused just an odd "display glitch" instead
of producing a list of p4 commands and their descriptions.  I
immediately suspected that the completion code runs p4 to generate
the completions and is somehow affected by the carriage returns at
the end of lines.  And indeed, when I added hline[-1]=${hline[-1]%^M}
to the loop

_perforce_call_p4 help-commands help commands | while read -A hline; do

the problem disappeared.

That loop collects the commands and their descriptions into an
array which is later passed to _describe.  My modification of
course fixed this particular case, but I can't help thinking there
must be other similar cases in _perforce and probably other
completion functions.  I wonder if it made sense to make the "core"
completion functions such as _describe more tolerant to CRs instead
of modifying application-specific completion functions?  Or can you
think of other, better ways of getting rid of the problem for good?


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