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Re: Named directory pointing to a symbolic link

> > It seems to me like the 'www' variable (which ought to be unset when I
> > start the shell, it's not like it should be a special variable as far
> > as I understand) has a strange behaviour : it points on /nonexistent
> > when used as a named directory, and any attempt I do to have it point
> > elsewhere with the export builtin doesn't work when the variable is
> > used as a named directory, though it works when invoked as hash -d.
> > Other variable names don't seem to behave that way.
> Do you have NIS (Yellow Pages) on your system?  I've seen some odd things
> when trying to extract home directories from that which I've never tracked
> down.

I don't think so ; I'm not sure how to determine if it is in use or
not, but a quick glance at the man page makes me feel that if it was,
I should find a ypbind process on the machine, which I don't (or any
process that matches "| grep yp" for that matter), on any of the
machines I experience the problem with. So I guess the answer is 'no'.

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