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Compare directories the most efficient way


 (using Linux)

 I have a problem and dont know, whether zsh includes some "extras" to
 solve it.

 There are two identical directory trees with binary stuff in it but
 with a different prefix for example:



 Unfortunately the files in there have "invalid" filenames with spaces
 and other ASCII- and not-so-ASCII-traps (german Umlauts for example).

 It is not possible to rename the files with detox, since then other
 things will no longer work.

 I want to binary-compare all files of one tree with those
 corresponding ones of the other tree. For this purpose I choose the
 "cmp" command (but if there are others more zshy ones...I have no
 problem to use those.... :O).

 The problem is to write a function/routine/script or whatever to do
 that job. Everything tried result in errors like:

   This   : file not found 
   is     : file not found 
   one    : file not found
   file   : file not found 
   with   : file not found 
   spaces : file not found 
   .bz2   : file not found

 I tried "find <path> -ls | cut -b 69- " as a source for escaped filenames
 in a for/do/done-loop but it failed the same way as mentioned above.

 Is there any way out? :)

 Thank you very much for any help in advance.

 Keep zshing!


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