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Re: "here" document broken?

    Hi Roland :)

 * Com MN PG P E B Consultant 3 <mn-pg-p-e-b-consultant-3.com@xxxxxxxxxxx> dixit:
> > > Any idea what's going wrong?
> > 
> >     I don't know. Do you have here documents in any script in your
> > system (working heredocs, I mean)? Then the problem may be in your
> > startup zsh scripts, but I can't think of where :??? 
> This is a good point!!! 
> I found that by chaning it to
>   #!/bin/zsh -f

> (which is a sensible thing to do anyway), it works well! This means
> that the problem has to be in my .zshrc, and though I don't see the
> problem on the spot, this should be solvable...

    If you don't mind posting here your RC files, or sending them to
me, I can try to lend a hand. The problem may be in ANY of the RC
files except /etc/zshenv unless it is protected by "[[ -o rcs ]]".

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

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