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Re: Simple Tip of the Day

> } Type the beginning of a command, and you can navigate through your
> } history lines that begin with what you typed. Exactly the same thing
> } as the default binding, except it's more powerful.
> } Only that messes up zed, because it only accepts up-line-or-history to
> } go up. I suggested a patch on the zsh-workers mailing list long ago
> } that Bart greatly improved, but it never made it into the CVS.
> A patch for zed?  Searching the archives, I can't find anything that
> mentions you, me, and zed in the same article.  I did find the 2004
> thread "Re: .zshrc sanity check" where PWS proposed a vared patch to
> make zed use its own keymap ... but that patch appears to have been
> applied.

Indeed I was referring to that thread, I misremembered the one who
wrote the final patch *sorry Peter*...

I think I misunderstood something at that time, like the patch would
bind a new keymap to zed *and configure it*, and that I shouldn't have
to add lines in my configuration file to have zed rebind the keys.
Re-reading it now makes it so obvious I'm really ashamed to have just
lived with it for one year and a hald when I only needed to undestand
what Peter said.

Ok well my saying crap again will have pointed out the fact that
there's this simple way to have zed use the keys you like :)

"Toi, je te trouve pas la même tête que sur la page précédente" -- Wakamiya

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